Survey on Research and Development of the German Business enterprise sector

The Wissenschaftsstatistik of the Stifterverband annually collects data on research and experimental development (R&D) of the German Business enterprise sector.

Since the mid-1970ies the Wissenschaftsstatistik – on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research – has been gathering data on R&D activities of German enterprises. The survey is part of the official EU Community statistics and enters into national and international reporting systems. R&D data are gathered annually, with a census of all researching corporations and institutes for cooperative research every odd-numbered year (full survey), and a sample being drawn every even-numbered year (sample survey). Core indicators are the intra- and extramural R&D expenditures of the economic sector by application of funds and source of funding, R&D personnel by type of work and gender, the regional distribution of research centers, innovation capacity, and economic operating numbers.

Additionally, the strategic focus changes annually, and special surveys are conducted. In 2011, for instance, data on the development time and duration of R&D projects were gathered, along with information on the cooperative behavior of various enterprises. The 2013 focus was on scientific R&D personnel and its composition, as well as corporate recruitment strategies. 2015 we looked at R&D for service innovation. In 2017 we were interested in R&D activities abroad.



FuE-facts (Foto: Drew Hays/Unsplash)

Research and Development in 2018: up-to-date data and details about R&D in Germany's economic sector

(available in German language only)


ˌɑ:r ən ˈdi: Analysen 2017 (Cover)

a:rәn'di: Analysen 2017
Research and Development in the Economic Sector 2015. Data report with analyses and charts

(available in German language only)

arendi-Zahlenwerk 2017 (Cover)

a:rәndi: Zahlenwerk 2017
Research and Development in 2015: facts – current data and facts about R&D in the German Economic Sector

(available in German language only)

Wo Unternehmen forschen – Verteilung und Veränderung (Cover)

Wo Unternehmen forschen
​Where companies do their research: Regional differences and special features of R&D in the German Economic Sector

(available in German language only)

Männlich - deutsch - MINT (Teaserbild)

Männlich – Deutsch – MINT
Male – German – STEM: Survey: Diversity as a chance for Research and Development in enterprises

​(available in German language only)



Seal "Innovation through Research"

The Stifterverband honors researching organizations for their special communal and societal responsibility with the quality seal “Innovation through Research”.