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Research Data Center Wissenschaftsstatistik

Through its Research Data Center (RDC) the Wissenschaftsstatistik GmbH  – accredited by the Rat für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten (Council for Social and Economic Data; RatSWD) – makes research data available to external scientists for non-profit empirical research projects.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, every odd-numbered year the Wissenschaftsstatistik conducts a census of all R&D active enterprises and institutions for cooperative research (full survey). Every even-numbered year a sample is drawn (sample survey).
Survey on Research & Development

The RDC Wissenschaftsstatistik makes R&D company-level micro-data as from 1995 available to researchers. Provision is made for an addition of data on the years 1979 to 1993.

Use of data

The R&D micro-data can only be made available for non-commercial research purposes. Holders of rights of use are employees/students at scientific establishments engaged in scientific research, i.e. colleges, universities, and scientific institutions. Authorization to use the data will be checked by us upon the first submission of an application.

The use of the data is project-linked, i.e. the data may be used only for the purposes of the project applied for and only by the personnel stated in the application.

Regarding the standard data provision a usage fee of 150 Euro is charged for each full survey (odd-numbered years), and 50 Euro for each sample survey (even-numbered years).  Junior researchers may use the RDC Wissenschaftsstatistik data for their theses at a reduced rate. For each thesis, a flat fee of €75 for five full survey waves and €25 for five sample survey waves is charged, respectively (“student discount”). The respective thesis must not be part of a publicly funded research project or of a privately funded commissioned research. For further information please refer to our terms of use.

Data access

The data may be accessed at a guest researcher workstation at the RDC Wissenschaftsstatistik premises. In order to use the data, a user request has to be filed and a declaration of commitment has to be signed. Upon approval and submission of all necessary documents, an appointment for visiting our RDC can be arranged.

Contact: Dr. Thu-Van Nguyen, T +49 201 8401-424
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The RDC Wissenschaftsstatistik gives advice with regard to data selection, data access, data handling, analysis options, data range and data validity. Guest researchers are responsible for generating their own analysis syntax.
Contact: Dr. Thu-Van Nguyen, T +49 201 8401-424
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Data evaluations
Upon request RDC Wissenschaftsstatistik personnel can assist in analyzing the micro data (subject to a charge).
Contact: Dr. Thu-Van Nguyen, T +49 201 8401-424
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Provision of standard evaluations
As standard, our data is organized by industries and at the Federal State level. An overview of these and other standard evaluations, provided by us in form of an Excel or PDF file, can be found in the a:rәn'di: figures.


Dr. Thu-Van Nguyen

is the head of the Research Data Center at the Wissenschaftsstatistik of the Stifterverband.

T +49 201 8401-424
F +49 201 8401-431

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Julia Angenendt

is officer in the Resarch Data Center.

T 0201 8401-261
F 0201 8401-431

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