Open Data Impact Award
Call for Applications

The award for open data and innovation
Utilizing open data for everyone!

Deadline for all applications is July 10th, 2022.

Open Data shows great potential for innovation. Everyone benefits when we are openly sharing research data. Both science benefits when data sets can be verified and refined by other researchers. But also, society gains when research data turns into innovations for everyone. Finding those hidden treasures in data and re-using them is only possible when researchers actively publish their data sets and allow full access. Unfortunately, everyday practice in scientific communities does not necessarily reflect this finding. There are multiple reasons for why open data is not common practice. Obstacles can be limited funding, the way reputation is measured, or the lack of knowledge about how to prepare data sets for re-use.

With its Open Data Impact Award the Stifterverband is trying to promote open data in science as part of its initiative innOsci. In 2021 Stifterverband awards the prize for the second time in collaboration with DUZ magazine.

The award features:

  • Funding of 30,000 Euros for three award winners (15,000, 10,000 and 5,000 Euros)
  • Visibility for winners and their research through media coverage and PR
  • Access to academic networks and researchers

Who can apply?

Individual researchers or research group (naming one representative) from all disciplines currently working at a university or research institution with a representation in Germany, who have granted open access and re-use of their data sets and who can showcase or make a plausible case for an innovative adaptation of their data beyond the academic world. If the innovation has not been fully developed yet the applicant should at least show the potential impact for the society at large that could be developed by re-using their research data.

What type of data is considered "open data" for this award?

Data sets or data streams in research and science (not public administration data) that are licensed as public domain (CC-0), CC-BY or equivalents and open for various types of re-use. A publication which describes a data set but does not publish the primary data is not sufficient.

What type of impact are we envisioning?

Any type of re-use outside the academic world that is creating an added value for society and is openly available for a large number of users (for example an app, a product, a technical device, a cultural subsequent use (journalism, a festival, an art project). The secondary use originates in a profit or non-profit organization but has a societal impact and benefit. The realization does not have to be completed but it should be conceivable.

Who receives the prize money?

There will be three awards of 15,000, 10,000 und 5,000 € each. The winners are the researchers or research groups that collected and published the data. The prize money will be transferred to the university or research institution of the applicant (situated in Germany or with a representation in Germany). The prize money is dedicated to a specific project in the field of open data at that institution conceived by the applicant.

What are the criteria we use to assess the applications?

A jury comprising representatives of Science, Management, and Civil Society will choose the winners out of all applications. The criteria are:

  • Level of openness and accessibility of the data and compliance with the FAIR criteria
  • Degree of maturity of the innovation as a secondary use
  • Added value for society

How to apply?

You've got a fascinating contribution where your open research data created an innovation for everyone? Then this award is for you!
As part of the application process you will be asked to answer the following questions in your maximum two-page proposal (4,000 characters)

  • What type of research data are you submitting?
  • Who was involved in collecting and processing the data?
  • How was the data made accessible? How were the FAIR-criteria implemented?
  • How has publishing your research data led to an innovation outside the academic world? What does society gain from the secondary use of your research data? What project in the field of open data should the prize money initiate at your institution?

To cpmplete your application, please fill out the application form (PDF) and upload it along with your proposal (PDF) onto our application server.
Deadline for all applications is July 10th, 2022.


Anna Held

is programme manager at Stifterverband.

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